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Saturday, November 15, 2008

i m a clerk...

11 nov 2008


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Hello, that’s been ages since my last post, sumhow I miss this so called “bowl of cherries”. That means i m craving cherries rite now…not the ordinary cherries, the cherries I really want now are the cherries from Mucarres, freshly from there…can i? huh, hw I wish giant will sell the imported fruits from Europe by 1 day delivery…

But that’s not the cherries that I wanted to write on, but the fact dat I m now a data verifier….yes DATA VERIFIER…once again DATA VERIFIER….to make it sweet just add up ‘clerk’ at d back…so call me data verifier clerk sakinah….but in my office, my colleagues call me NANA, spelled N.A.N.A….once again adik2, NANA….yeah, that s me…

What actually am I doing there? Hurmmm….i m a verifier, of course I have to verify all the data…what data? Well, my company (that I work, not mine) is a mailcom company dat ties up the tender to process all the filled up forms from the clients….such as…MAS, EON BANK, MAYBANK, CIMB an etc……

To make y’all clear…..

Adik2 still remember when we want to create a bank account? We were asked to fill too many forms aite? Ha….that forms then were sent to my company to be verified and will be customized by us…then we give them back to the client companies….got me? Then, based on the data, the bank will process your application and then decide whether to approve or reject urs….hurm….still not clear? Huh, dasar lembam….hahaahhaa

Story bout my company (once again the place I work, it is not yet mine),

Straight away after my phonetic paper, I went for an interview to this company….then they said the need one day to think over my application….then after 24 hrs, I got a call from my department boss, Mr Rajesh ( 36, unmarried, hensem) to sign up for tomorrow….so, my first day being data verifier was 6th Nov…..

I have gone through my medical check up with klinik mediviron, that is my panel medical supporter….yeah klinik mediviron..luckily it is juz in sect 18, senang je nk cari….and my direct credit salary is alliances bank…once again alliances bank…any idea where is the fucking bank located? Pergh, I hv to google it n u noe wat? This f@#$%^# ( I mean, fantastic) bank is in sri muda….precisely in sect 25….until now I still cant find it…do help la ….so, I don’t apply for account opening yet…

Apa lagi ek? …ha, my workplace, well my ofis is in bukit jelutong, u8/82, ala juz nearby the poh kong factory, once again poh kong factory….hahahaha, aku kaya ( if the kilang happened to terbakar la..) ermm…then, I wear uniform, dark blue uniform…c the pic for clearer version ye….my salary? No q, if I tell u, u ll never percaya….kuikui….very the…kan? Ala, dun worry coz it is enuf for my makan n shopping….tp the sad side of mine is my salary lambat lagi, now I m craving for money…..later I ll call en zaki…my talk will be like tis…” hello, assalamualaikum abah, abah kaya x? nk duit sket…bukan nk shopping, tp nk buat mkn”, ok x? enuf for now….later I ll story again….

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