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Wednesday, February 9, 2011


It is an insult! For the definition of successful people that I learned from Women in Literature this afternoon!

According to the norm, successful man is a man who can work to fortune and provide (the fortune) to his wife while successful woman is a woman who can afford to marry such a man!

Hell no the world is all about the fortune. I give u the f word for such reality. I find the successful life would be subjective to person. As for me, money is nothing to do with happiness and success. I m happy with my own current life without any doubt. However it would have stopped my excitement in life when a person suddenly come and tell me that I should fine a 'good' husband in order to succeed in life. Hell!

I prefer to have a husband ( die! I am talking about husband thingy) who can make me happy. full stop. no more elaborations and buts!

When I was young, I see a husband as a figure of stability and security for a woman like me to survive in this very world. Things change, I see a man (mr right) as an another part of me. If the man completes you, why must bother for other factors? (money, attitude, value and background). I am pretty sure that I am into it (marriage), but NOT SO SURE when!

Me looking at the mirror, it reflects a princess. Opps, it actually reflects a queen for real! An author for Mrs Bixby collection once said "when you regard yourself as a queen, your husband sees you as a queen, if you regard yourself as a main, then he will treat you like a real maid"...Better not....that would have been so not me!

Monday, February 7, 2011

a real comeback!

perhaps, this gonna be my first entry for this year. i hope it not too little too late for me to restart writing. i left these cherries because i think facebooking is rather attractive than blogging. All hails to the blog, since i figure something is so wrong with the latest layout from facebook. I just hate the shapes and arrangements. It is rather annoying nowadays. Hence, I m into call it an end. i want to blog, write any possible thing that pop out of my head. Here are the issues for the very first entry of mine:

1. My current nickname is if my given name is NUR RAMADHAN SAKINAH. I love the word Ramadhan, not because of Nia Ramadhani, but the idea of Ramadhan itself. Full of good things full stop.

2. I am a part time teacher and full time student. Mommy, I just cant wait to end my status as UiTM student. I got a lot of things to be done.

3. I am on my way to complete my B class license. It cost me hell RM800 y'all. I ve browsed through the kawasaki superbike collection. Me thinking to buy one. At least, I am on my way to reduce the traffic space problem in KL.

4. I m currently listening to Avenged Sevenfold while writing this. I dont know why is this group being so inspirational to me.

5. The only reason I m writing this in note form is to make my writing looks as good as Tun Mahathir's blog. Could I?

6. That is for now, because I m doing my first academic exercise. I say it is like hell. I hate writing in English.

Bye bye dunia.....