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mereka yang mampu merubah fikiran orang lain tanpa perlu paksaan.

Thursday, May 12, 2011




Hari ini merupakan hari dimana kisah hidupku sebagai pelajar fakulti pendidikan di UiTM meniti detik detik akhirnya. Perasaan ku bercampur baur kerana aku tidak dapat membayangkan keseronokan jenis apakah yang bakal aku perolehi di alam perkerjaan nanti. Aku juga tidak dapat membayangkan sejauh manakah kisah sedihku berlangsung demi hakikat sebuah perpisahan dalam sebuah ikatan kasih sayang kawan kawan dan sahabat di sini.

Sila muntah hijau yang berketul2!

Hari ini sungguh bosan kerana agenda 'finishing school program' pada hari ini adalah untuk menyiapkan resume. Hello, macam la kat Microsoft Word tu takde template yang kau boleh tiru bulat? Tips2 pun macam cliche and nothing new to be learnt. Come on, world is moving faster, everyone can possibly google from the internet for the tips, etiquette and apa-apa je la.....nak download video 3gp format pon boleh, takkan setakat nak tulis resume pon kena undergo kursus sehari suntuk kot....

I am a boring person.

I dont enjoy courses and whatsoever LDK that involve me to wear baju kurung and listen to the talks.....

see? I am boring.......that is the only reason why this entry is being posted! No other reasons.....

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


It is an insult! For the definition of successful people that I learned from Women in Literature this afternoon!

According to the norm, successful man is a man who can work to fortune and provide (the fortune) to his wife while successful woman is a woman who can afford to marry such a man!

Hell no the world is all about the fortune. I give u the f word for such reality. I find the successful life would be subjective to person. As for me, money is nothing to do with happiness and success. I m happy with my own current life without any doubt. However it would have stopped my excitement in life when a person suddenly come and tell me that I should fine a 'good' husband in order to succeed in life. Hell!

I prefer to have a husband ( die! I am talking about husband thingy) who can make me happy. full stop. no more elaborations and buts!

When I was young, I see a husband as a figure of stability and security for a woman like me to survive in this very world. Things change, I see a man (mr right) as an another part of me. If the man completes you, why must bother for other factors? (money, attitude, value and background). I am pretty sure that I am into it (marriage), but NOT SO SURE when!

Me looking at the mirror, it reflects a princess. Opps, it actually reflects a queen for real! An author for Mrs Bixby collection once said "when you regard yourself as a queen, your husband sees you as a queen, if you regard yourself as a main, then he will treat you like a real maid"...Better not....that would have been so not me!

Monday, February 7, 2011

a real comeback!

perhaps, this gonna be my first entry for this year. i hope it not too little too late for me to restart writing. i left these cherries because i think facebooking is rather attractive than blogging. All hails to the blog, since i figure something is so wrong with the latest layout from facebook. I just hate the shapes and arrangements. It is rather annoying nowadays. Hence, I m into call it an end. i want to blog, write any possible thing that pop out of my head. Here are the issues for the very first entry of mine:

1. My current nickname is if my given name is NUR RAMADHAN SAKINAH. I love the word Ramadhan, not because of Nia Ramadhani, but the idea of Ramadhan itself. Full of good things full stop.

2. I am a part time teacher and full time student. Mommy, I just cant wait to end my status as UiTM student. I got a lot of things to be done.

3. I am on my way to complete my B class license. It cost me hell RM800 y'all. I ve browsed through the kawasaki superbike collection. Me thinking to buy one. At least, I am on my way to reduce the traffic space problem in KL.

4. I m currently listening to Avenged Sevenfold while writing this. I dont know why is this group being so inspirational to me.

5. The only reason I m writing this in note form is to make my writing looks as good as Tun Mahathir's blog. Could I?

6. That is for now, because I m doing my first academic exercise. I say it is like hell. I hate writing in English.

Bye bye dunia.....