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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

gua tempurung.....part 1

mood : tired, satisfied and happy...
motto of the day: jgn ragu2 ( quoted from juwe)

last friday, about 330 am, got an sms drom azri...." weekend ni turun gua tempurung", it was not an invitation, but more on directing me to go there. " kalu mu xgi, mu memang celaka, kalu mu gi, sume orang akan sayang mu lebih". so, to be loved, i reluctantly said yes n started googling about gua tempurung. the persons involved were :

from left on the pic:
1. juwe - director
2. roy - driver
3.Sepu - mastermind
4. Azri - treasurer
5. me - best gurl
6.afni - cameragurl

since roy n juwe r olredi in perak ( utp students), 4 of us went to perak by train. the tickets were prepared by sepu as 3 of us never use the train b4. ~xbiasa naik train, bontot dah terbiasa duduk atas seat flight~

well, at first, this trip was more on personal purposes, as we kononnya love xtvt lasak, but things turn around to be little reunion for fifth batch of sester...

got some who missed in this pic....

~ then, when we arrived in perak, pe'e n frens ( 5 paxs in viva) arrived....xtau sape ajak...
~ plus, sesterians in utp were called by juwe to join the trip.......
here r some of the pics taken during the replanning ( need to replan as the trip members has increased abruptly few hours before the trip)

pe'e is briefing bout the danger we might face during the trekking, but no one seemed to believe him

bergambar smbil tgu budak2 utp yg born to be late

still lagi menunggu......sabar dlm marah, pintu gua tutup kul 9pagi

eveybody seemed to be late...the director, juwe was almost turn into green...and azri went surrealic while waiting for the late comer.....

do we survived to be in gua tempurung before 9 am?.....wait for the next entry....

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