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Sunday, January 18, 2009

reflection of the current election

heard bout the 2000 majirity winning of PAS candidate, en Wahid endut has defeated his rival, wan farid just now....for p036

cyesly, it was unexpected for someone who has dark brown eyes like me....(is there any connection, perhaps yes) ehem2, well as for me, i always have strories to share, but at this very night, i would like to share 3 stories...

# story no 1
heard bout the big number of people who refused to get out of house and vote...y? well, maybe its only a provocation from smelly hearted bloody people who doesnt respect the system of democracy country...huh....breath in.....well, y is it the people especially the villagers reluctantly went out and elected? this is not what i said ok, but someone i mentioned before...this is because of they were blackmailed from the b!@$ to vote for the particular party...if they vote for the g#$%@ , they will be blacklisted to have the privileges like others have. what privileges, i have no comment...

hurm, that is so immoral

# story no 2
hv u heard bout the ghost voters before? according to supernatural story, this ghost has nothing to do with the blood, or any kind of ritual except the ritual of getting home sweet home all the way from shah alam to kuala terengganu. who is the ghost behind this ritual? once again, this is happening in this very nice and adorable party....try ur luck guessing....ngeh3... i wrote this according to my very own experience...
last three days, i got a call from a friend of mine who studies in KL....orang KL tu.....she called to ask me if i m interested to be at home during this weekend? i said, heaven...of course i do. according to her, the ticket fares are fully sponsored by this party, and my task only to vote for this party candidate. WTF? if this is not bribery, what is the proper word eh? ajar me please...
few minutes later......

me called the mom informing to go home on 16

me : assalamualaikum umi
umi : w'salam..hurm ada ape ek kol malam2 bute ni?
me : ni ha, kak ngah dapat sponsor tiket bus nk balik tranung....sbb kena ngundi
umi : aik, umo kak ngah mane layak lagi nk ngundi
me : ala, dorang cakap dorang nk ejas
umi : eh, jgn, time ni dorang ckp la macam2, kalu dorang kalah camner?
konpem dorang xbayar punyer..lagipun, mesti susah nk masuk tranung, orang P&^ mesti akan blok laluan nk masuk ke kuala terengganu...
me : erm...camner ek? kire umi xbagi balik la ni?
umi : ala, sabar je la, lagipun raya cina ni pon nk balik jgak kan? balik cuti time raya cina je la..
me : erm, baiklah...

~ so, i decided not to go home..lalalalaallaaa

#story no 3
hurm, i dont like the way our TPM did the promotion in Terengganu, instead of coming down there, y dont he just join our PM doing the declaration of boycotting America'sProduct and so on...

well, them all r juz a story, no need to follow those...
the winner has been, what r we waiting for? lets go party..oops....kenduri kesyukuran would be better kut

++++the end+++++

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