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Monday, September 27, 2010

buta dalam cahaya

salam dan doa kesejahteraan kepada semua makhluk untuk sekian alam...i feel hepi since i ve no more responsibility to teach students from SMK ALam Megah..the most waited moment since i was appointed to be here...well, bukan tidak menyukai kanak- kanak di situ, sumpah aku katakan they the most wonderful people Allah has made....instead of teaching them and changing their minds, i can say they have done perfectly in changing my mind and i learn alot from them...they are absolutely my love...

jika selama ini aku selalu menginginkan sekolah bertaraf SBP untuk praktikum or posting, but now i believe the school just doesn't matter, we are the teachers who matter most, how you bring yourself, how you smile and most importantly how sincere you are in teaching them are counted!

i never realize them all till my last day in the school yesterday. they wore nice clothes and brought alot of things to give me. i was barely smiling since i got nothing in return,..such a loser.

thanks alot 1 keruing and 4 meranti to be my first formal class for teaching English as Second Language. I enjoyed so much fun with you guys especially when the time was for playing card and having fun. i hate the observations as well because it made us sweating and more formal than other days. we will keep in touch okay...

my students are my baby...then i m looking for a guy to be my baby too....tettttttttttt

Ps: got lotsa stuffs for farewell gifts...appreciated!!!!

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